Rolling Meadows Christian Church exists to love and obey Jesus. We pursue this goal by preaching from the bible, equipping Christians, reaching the lost, serving the needy, all while we prepare for His coming.

In short, we want to love God and to live like it. 


What we believe 

We believe that God is real. He created this world and is actively involved in it. He has a powerful love for you and I, and has made it possible, through Jesus, for us to know Him.  

We believe that Jesus is the Christ, the Son of the living God. He was born of a virgin and lived a sinless life. He was crucified as a sacrifice for our sins, buried and then rose from the dead; and is now seated a the right hand of God.

It is that sacrifice that shows His incredible love for us. And because of that - we live our lives willingly and joyfully in honor of His name. We invite everyone to walk along side of us as we pursue a holy and sovereign God.  

Church Style 

We are a rural Church with a modern focus. Our history, memories and past keep us grounded to our convictions in the Word of God; but, our outlook is focused forwards, towards evangelism and discipleship. We use an assortment of instruments including piano, guitar, banjo, mandolin and percussion in our song services. 



We provide children's church for 1st through 3rd grade and nursery for any children younger. All kids over 3rd grade are encouraged to worship with their parents and the adults around them.

What to expect?

Our services last about an hour. In worship we utilize the piano, guitar, banjo (and other assorted instruments!) to blend old fashioned hymns with new contemporary songs. Anyone who believes in Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior is welcome to partake in communion.. We take up an offering by passing baskets through the audience (but don't worry we only expect those who consider themselves members to tithe, so if you're new, don't feel obligated to give). Sermons are bible based; we preach unapologetically from the Word of God and from it alone. Sermons typically last 20-30 min. 

What you need to know. 

- Bring your Bible! We love the word of God and use it frequently.

- If You are running a little late, don't just stay home! We normally start our services 5 min late to allow for fellowship time.

-  We take communion all together. This means when the bread and juice are passed, hang on to them and wait for the leader up front to direct the congregation. 

- We truly are a family. And when families get together it isn't about everything being perfect or going just right. It is about experiencing the love of Christ together. 


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